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DEC Set to Approve Blast Mining

This is an introduction to the Teator Mine, located at 4260 County Route 20 in the town of Durham, New York, located in DEC Region 4. The Mine is owned by Borwegen Trucking & Excavation of Greenville, NY.

As of September 7, 2016, the mine has completed an application for blast mining.

The DEC notice of the Teator Mine’s Completed Application is available here.

Since the DEC has not found that blasting “will not have a significant effect on the environment,” it is likely that after the public comment period that closes on October 7th, the DEC would likely approve and permit blasting.

Blasting would be permitted to 127 decibels, which can cause tinnitus and is the volume at permanent hearing loss can occur. See a chart of what noises in this decibel range would be like. It’s going to be extremely loud.

Many houses in the hamlet were built in the 1800s when County Route 20/22 was the Susquehanna Turnpike. These historic houses sit within 25 feet of the road where dump truck traffic occurs.

County Route 20 is also part of the Durham Valley Scenic Byway, designated by New York State as having “broad scenic views across the Durham Valley, cultural resources including historic houses, farms, stone bridges and walls, and natural resources such as the backdrop of the Catskill Mountains and Durham Valley’s streams.” The Teator Mine is the only commercial enterprise on CR20 from State Route 145 to CR10 in Windham. The road is a mix of single family homes, woods and fields in agricultural use.

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