Help Our Candidates Win on November 8th!

Phone Banks
If we would like to start phone banks for calls in support of the Clinton campaign in our county, we can obtain  paper call sheets or an online phone bank (would require a laptop, phone, and a venue with wifi). If someone would like to volunteer as a coordinator Doreen and Beth Schneck can help you with details i.e. identifying volunteers and creating an event on our website.
Folks can also make calls into swing states from their own home by using the virtual phone bank online. This call tool allows you to call swing states by using a laptop and a phone.
Door to Door
We have a local Dem from Greenville, Judy Elliott-Brown ( who is organizing door to door efforts in support of Zephyr Teachout and Sara Niccoli.  We’ve got some beautiful weather to canvass, Judy has walk lists that are efficient, and all she needs are some more volunteers.
Phone Banks
If you would like to make calls from home here is a website link to set yourself up:
Or, Come to our GOTV Office at 455 Main Street, Catskill on 11/5,6,7,8
Door to Door
Sara has received the endorsement of Bernie Sanders’ group Our Revolution.  You may canvass for her with Judy Elliott Brown as previously noted under Zephyr’s information.
Phone Banks
If you would like to volunteer or phone bank, there are two locations: the Kingston office at 32 John St. or the Guilderland office at 2020 Western Ave. Albany, NY. If you’re closer to the Albany office, reach out to Eric Wilmer at eric@saraniccoli or phone at 917-204-3611. If you’re closer to the Kingston office, then reach out to Amy at or 917-660-7620.

If you  can’t make it to those offices to volunteer then you should still reach out to Amy or Eric who will get phone lists for them to call, but if you want to get started on that now, Bernie’s group Our Revolution is running an automatic dialer at this link:
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