Greene County Jail – Please contact your legislators

~ Please attend the meeting on February 8th, 6pm at the county building – 411 Main St 4th Floor Conference Room, and please take some time to write your legislator with your thoughts about the project. Contact information is available here ~

Greene County will be paying for the construction of a new jail to replace it’s outdated one.

At the cost of $100 million over a 30-year bond, it is projected to be the most expensive project the county has ever undertaken.

On January 18th, Greene County legislators put a $52 million bond resolution on hold until February 8th, in order to debate the size of the jail.

In light of recent demographic trends predicting declining jail population, we are concerned that the proposed design is too large.

Greene County is having trouble funding its basic obligations. We cannot afford to spend money on an over-sized jail facility if there are other more cost-effective programs that can address our correctional needs.

For example, substance abuse is the largest cost of incarceration. There are treatment programs that are far more effective in addressing this issue than incarceration, but none of the money in the proposal is allocated to that.

Legislators need to find a plan that is realistic, that deals with the overall issues, and includes alternatives to incarceration but does not over extend the taxpayers unnecessarily.

You are welcome to attend the meeting on the 8th, to be held at the county building 411 Main St 4th floor conference room @6pm, and please take some time to write your legislator with your thoughts about the project.

Here is a link where you can find the email and physical addresses of your district legislators and a link that provides a good overview and background on the project:

Time is of the essence as this project is rapidly becoming a reality.  Take a moment to express your opinion on the largest expenditure in the county’s history.


The existing Greene County Jail is located on Bridge Street in the Village of Catskill behind the Greene County Courthouse. The Jail has 56 beds, but routinely has between 90 and 110 inmates, exceeding its capacity on a regular basis and requiring the boarding of prisoners in surrounding facilities. It costs Greene County $85 per day, per inmate, to board out prisoners, and over the course of a year it costs the County approximately one million dollars.  The oldest part of the Jail is over 100 years old, built in 1905, and is well past it s useful life.  Greene County has been has been dealing with structural, capacity and operational challenges of the Jail for decades.

Greene County is now in the position of having to expand jail capacity through construction of a new facility.

A site has been chosen adjacent to The Greene and Coxsackie State Correctional Facilities on State Route 9W in Coxsackie, NY.  The size of the site is 50 acres, with approximately 32 acres to be utilized for the construction of the Jail. The Sheriff’s Office and a back-up Emergency Response Center will be included in the new Jail Facility. At this time it is estimated that the Jail will account for 68,000 square feet and the Sheriff’s Office an additional 17,000 square feet. The Jail Concept Site Plan is attached to this RFQ solicitation.

The Greene County Legislature has endorsed a target capacity range of 130 beds for a new County Jail (with the ability to gain up to an additional 20% in capacity through future double celling of prisoners).

The Greene County Legislature has selected SMRT Architects and Engineers, P.C., with offices in Latham, NY as the Architectural and Engineering firm for the project. RicciGreene Associates of New York City has provided the Jail Needs Assessment, including population projections and jail bedspace analysis for the facility. Delaware Engineering of Albany NY is providing the civil engineering and related services.

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