Congratulations Joe Kozloski!

Congratulations Village Board Member Joe Kozloski!

Congratulations Joe Kozloski! Village of Catskill Final tally, after the counting of the absentee ballots: Joe Kozloski 317, Peter Grasse 264 – Joe by 53 votes.

VILLAGE ELECTIONS – March 21, 2017
Congratulations to all our candidates. All ran hard with a willingness to engage in governing.

We had victories in Catskill with Joe Kozloski. Coxsackie with Donnie Daoust. Tannersville with Lee McGunnigle. Congratulations all as you transition to governing.

To those who campaigned with commitment and effort but fell short, we thank you for the hard work. No one knows how difficult it is running for office until you’ve tried it.

We have 72 positions available throughout our town elections in November. Want to run? We’ll set you up, all you need is heart and a belief that good government requires choice.

Photos are of the swearing in ceremony.

Joe sworn in 2017 close up crop Joe sworn in w judge 2017 3 crop Joe sworn in w judge 2017 2 crop

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