Greene County Jail Information ~ April, 22nd 2017

Greene County is planning to build a new county jail. A meeting was held in New Baltimore to update voters on the jail project and ask questions. Speakers:  Shaun Groden, Greene County Administrator, Bill Lawrence, chair of Greene County Legislature Committee on Public Safety, and Lori Torgersen and Pat Linger, members of the Committee on Public Safety. Lori Torgersen is chair of a new committee on alternatives to incarceration.


Audio Feature: April 18 Greene County jail information meeting

Apr 20, 2017 12:02 am • Staff

The New Baltimore Democrats held an information session about the proposed new Greene County Jail Tue. April 18. Under the proposal, the county would build a new jail in Coxsackie, moving from next to the county courthouse in Catskill. County administrator Shaun Groden, and county legislators William Lawrence (R-Cairo), Lori Torgersen (D-Windham-Ashland-Jewett-Prattsville), and Pat Linger (R-New Baltimore) were scheduled to attend. The exact cost of the new jail has yet to be determined, but previous reports put the price tag at nearly $70 million, plus the cost of the interest on the bond. The information meeting was held at the Medway-Grapeville Firehouse in Hannacroix.

Beth Schneck recorded the meeting for WGXC.
Click here to download or listen to Part 1 the meeting.
Click here to download or listen to Part 2 the meeting.

Call to order
First speaker: Shaun Groden, Greene County Administrator
Average stay in the county jail is less than 50 days
Drug treatment and training
Greene County receives no money from the state of New York
Reducing size? Cells come in pairs; double-bed cells
How much? Started at $51.3 million, now at $46.7 million. More will be cut. This represents the cost of building only, and not amortized over 30 years.
Interest rate is locked in. Description of how this process works.
Not able to whittle down price below $38 million.
Greene County Legislator Lori Torgersen for the 6th District (Prattsville, Ashland, Windham, Jewett)
Shaun Groden
Solar usage at jail
Water reservoir used and concerns


For info on the jail project:

For info on the meeting:
Jake Colwell
Anne Mitchell
Greene County Jail Summary: For more information, please contact Beth Schneck at [email protected]Current plan not included below, updates coming soon.  See above for info on public meeting to discuss the Greene County Jail project.
From Mountaintop Progressives Meeting on the Jail:

Lawmakers attempt to quell rumors about cost of proposed county jail:

Interest Rate Locked in:

“Funding from the USDA carries an interest rate of 2.75 percent, which will be locked in on the date the application is approved, according to the resolution.

The rate will be locked into what the current interest rates are at the second quarter of 2017, not what the rates will be in the fourth quarter in 2020, when the project is expected to completed, Greene County Administrator Shaun Groden said Tuesday.

The USDA money will not be available to the county until the project is completed. Construction loans and general obligation bonds will be sought to pay all of the contractors involved with the project, Groden said.”

Alternatives to incarceration:
Jail Summary-Rev5Jail Summary-Rev5_p2


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