Greene County Jail Information Meeting – April 18th – 7-9pm

Audio Recording of the Meeting is Here Thanks to WGXC! 

The 2 audio recordings overlap, part 2 starts at 4:05 on part 1 (which covers 47:00 minutes of the meeting). You can listen to part 2 only, the first 4 minutes were primarily about the difference between a county jail and state prison.
0 – 56:40 – 1st Speaker – Shaun Groden
20:00 – Average stay in jail under 50 days
21ish – Drug treatment and training
30:00 – Greene County gets no money from NY State
33:22 – Shrink size? Cells come in pairs/double bed cells
39:42 – How much cost? Started at 51.3 million, now at 46.7 million more will be cut (this is build cost only, not amortized over 30 years – see chart)
49:00 – Interest rate is locked in – describes how this process works
51:30 – Not able to whittle down price below 38million
56:40 – 2nd Speaker – Lori Torgersen
1:06 – Shaun Groden
1:23 – Solar usage at jail to 1:26
1:26 – Water reservoir used and concerns

Additional information here:
Jail Meeting Flyer-sm

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