An Expert Panel on how the AHCA could affect Health Care in New York State – Hudson, June 26, 2017

What does the AHCA mean for NY State? How did the ACA (Obamacare) help NY State?

An Expert Panel on how the AHCA could affect Health Care in New York State ~ “The House of Representatives recently passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) – a bill that, if passed, will leave 2.7 million New Yorkers without health insurance and will roll back protections for women, children and anyone with preexisting conditions. The AHCA would include $7 billion in cuts from New York’s healthcare system – effectively eliminating the Essential Plan, devastating our hospitals, and forcing major staffing cuts during a time when we need more, not less, doctors and nurses.”

Recordings from presentation available here on WGXC (slides and timing on recording below) ~

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Recording details:
Intro and thanks, Hudson Hall Rep

2:15 – Jason Helgerson, State Medicare Director

4:30 – Panel Introduction : Slide 3

6:36 –   : Slide 4 (missing – waiting for copy)

7:24 – Stakes are extremely high

8:19 – A Few Facts about the ACA / Obamacare : Slide 5

9:15 – ACA Cut Premiums in Half for New Yorkers : Slide 6

10:15 – ACA Tax Credits : Slide 7 (and see Slide 15)

10:40 – Essential Plan : Slide 8

11:35 – Enrollment in Private Coverage 660% increase, almost one million people benefited : Slide 9

12:21 – Employer Provided Insurance affected, coverage for children to age 26, protections for pre-existing conditions : slide 10

13:50 – AHCA – If you lose insurance, you would be prohibited access to health insurance benefits for 6 months – to artificially drive down perceived premium fees, allow insurance companies avoid catastrophic expenses if you buy it

14:40 – AHCA – Annual or lifetime limits prohibited : slide 11 (missing – waiting for copy)
– Devastating repercussions for New York – All for the wealthiest to get a tax break : Slide 12

15:10 – #1 Cause of Bankruptcy from inability to pay medical bills, ACA fixed this, this will be normal practice with AHCA

16:15 – 1/6th of our population lives will be changed for worse due to AHCA

16:50 – why? Tax cuts for the rich, less to do with health care than their tax cutting agenda

17:15 – AHCA more cost effective for anyone?  Yes, young and healthy, pay less in premiums and higher deductibles (means you pay more money), charge pre-existing condition, elderly and women

18:26 – ACA built on premise that we share the burden, community, collective societal responsibility, healthy contribute to care of sick, not with the AHCA – with AHCA you are on your own, who cares about the sick

19:00 – AHCA Covers Fewer Benefits : Slide 14

20:00 – AHCA – Tax Credits, in reality Insurance would be less affordable for many : Slide 15 (hypothetical scenarios)

22:10 – AHCA – Medicaid cuts total over $7 billion cumulatively over the next four years : Slide 16

21:44 – Medicaid Important Revenue Source for Health Care Industry, Medicaid is the largest revenue source for Health Care Providers in NY State.  Medicare is the 2nd largest, before you get to the Insurance Industry

22:55 – Health Care Providers living on narrow margins, Health Care Access could be threatened, and/or pay more property taxes

23:40 – Right Now – 1 in 3 covered in NY State by Medicaid are Children, 71% of NY State Nursing Home Residents are covered by Medicaid : Slide 17

24:02 – Right Now – 52% of baby deliveries in NY State are covered by Medicaid, 40% of ER, Clinic Visits, Outpatient Surgeries in NY State are covered by Medicaid : Slide 18

24:25 – AHCA – Prevention and Public Health Fund Eliminated : Slide 19

24:57 – AHCA – Impact on Planned Parenthood Health Care Provider : Slide 20

26:12 – Opiod Crisis – $2 Billion in funding in AHCA not nearly enough – substance abuse disorder treatment, insurance companies could once again opt out : Slide 21

28:11 – What Can We Do? – Sign Petition – : Slide 23

29:30 – We can stop this Act from becoming Law

29:40 – Call Faso now!

31:00 – Panelists give their perspectives and then Questions from the Audience

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