Greene County Democratic Candidates


On November 7next Tuesday, 48 fellow residents of Greene County have stepped up and run for office in many of your communities.

There is no level of government that has a more direct impact on your life.  So while we are angered and frustrated at the federal level and can’t wait to go after that Congressional seat in the 19th, we have 48 people depending on your vote on Tuesday and in return, you will have representation at the level of government with the most impact.  Seems pretty logical, right?

Sadly, we continue to underperform as a nation and in particular as a party in off year elections.  Please do everything you can in your town to turn out the vote in support of our candidates.  In the absence of leadership at the federal level, we find that state and local governments are even more critical to the foundation of our democracy.

Finally, if you won’t be in the county on Election Day, please make every effort to fill out an absentee ballot so that your vote is counted. And most importantly, a huge thank you to our candidates, led by Julian Schreibman for Supreme Court  and to every other candidate from the towns of Greene.  We’re proud of you.


Doreen Parsley Davis
Chairwoman, Greene County Democratic Committee


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See our calendar for absentee voter information, or contact:

Greene County Board of Elections:
411 Main St, PO Box 307, Catskill NY, 12414
T:518-719-3550 | F:518-719-3784
Contact: Casey McCarthy: [email protected]
Dawn Metzler: [email protected]

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