Important Information about CD19 Candidate Petitions

In order to appear on the primary election ballot, each candidate must first collect a minimum of 1,250 valid signatures. If you want to see a specific candidate’s name appear on the primary ballot, please help them get the signatures.

Helping is easy!  Download the candidate-specific petition below then ask your Democratic friends and neighbors to sign – only registered Democrats are allowed to sign.  Not sure who is a Democrat?  No problem!  Ask the campaign for a list- they have field organizers eager to supply this information (campaign contact info is below).

  • Only registered Democrats can sign petitions for Democratic candidates
  • Each person may sign exactly ONE petition
  • A registered Democrat must “witness” each signature on a specific petition (this is the person who is said to “carry” the petition)
  • You may not sign a petition you are “carrying” – because you can’t witness your own signature
  • You may witness/carry signatures for more than 1 candidate but then you must NOT sign any petition
  • Petitions MUST be signed before April 12th, but the campaigns need them back before that date – contact the campaign to find out when

(See below for CD 19 Candidate Petitions.  Use legal size paper for printing.)






Print Petitions on Legal Size Paper:


Contact: Dan Torres
[email protected]
Click HERE to download petition


Contact: Jesse Meyer
[email protected]
Click HERE to download petition


Contact: Erin Stamper
[email protected]
Click HERE to Sign-up for Petitions for Brian Flynn


Delgado for Congress
Contact: Christian Perkins
[email protected]
Click HERE to download petition


Contact: Casey Bourkney
[email protected]
Click HERE to download petition – contact the campaign for a clean copy

Contact: Sebastian Pillitteri
[email protected]
Click HERE to download petition


Erin Collier logo





Click HERE to download petition

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