State of the Union Dinner to Support the Cairo Historical Society

The Cairo Historical Society is holding a State of the Union Dinner on Saturday, February 18th, from 5-7pm at the Masonic Lodge, Main Street in Cairo. Take out is available. $18 Adults, $10 Children under 10. Ham or Roast Beef and all the fixings. For tickets call Mary Kames – 622-226

The Cairo Historical Society is growing and we need a place to put our collection! We have a building, we just need to fix it up!  That is why we are holding our State of the Union Dinner on February 18th from 5-7pm.  If you like what we’ve been doing over the last two years please support us.  Not only will you have a choice dinner (roast beef or ham with ALL the fixings) you will have the opportuni…ty to win big prizes.  With your dinner ticket you have the chance to win our fabulous door prize.  In addition, we will have 4 Presidential Quizzes – that’s right 4 Presidential Quizzes.  There will be prizes for each quiz, but you have to fill out the quiz at the dinner and give it to us before you leave. You don’t have to be present to win.  Winners will be announced in the Greenville Mountain View Pioneer on February 24th.

The Cairo Historical Society is all about history – come have fun with us on the 18th. Martha Washington will be hostess for the evening, but I hear that a few presidents will be attending as well. Come dressed as YOUR favorite president or first lady!!

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