What You Need to Do to Run for Office in Greene County

1. Contact a Greene County Democratic Committee Officer:
Chairperson: Doreen Parsley Davis – (518) 678-0317 – [email protected]
Vice Chairperson: Beth Schneck –  [email protected]

2. Look at your town’s section on GreeneDems.org under “Your Town” to view the positions up for election in 2018 (or see below) – will be updated in January 2018 – All Greene County Legislature seats are up for election in 2018.  You can also contact your Town Chair which is listed under your town name.

3. Suggest A Friend – If you think someone you know would be a great Town Supervisor, or Town Councilperson, or any candidate listed below, let us know!

Candidates Needed for 2018 Elections: – will be updated in April 2018

TOWNS                                               Currently In Office



Candidates Needed for 2017 Elections:

TOWNS                                               Currently In Office


Supervisor                                            Richard Tompkins R
Town Justice                                       Leslie Holdridge R
Councilman (2)                                   Thomas Soule R & Scott Tuttle R
Town Clerk                                          Justine Caulino R
Superintendent of Highways           Larry Tompkins R
Tax Collector                                       Virginia Arturi R


Supervisor                                           Robert Butler R
Town Justice                                      Constance Pazin R
Councilman (2)                                  April Paluch R & Mary Brandow R


Supervisor                                          Daniel Benoit R
Town Justice                                      Lee Miller R
Councilman (2)                                 Doug Ostrander R & Mary Jo Cords R
Tax Collector                                      Sue Hilgendorff R


Councilman (2)                                 Jared Giordiano R & Robert Antonelli R


Supervisor                                         Richard Hanse R
Councilman (2)                                Thomas Burke D & Patrick Kennedy D
Town Clerk                                       Bambi Hotaling R
Superintendent of Highways        Larry Ross R
Tax Collector                                    Valerie Murphy R


Supervisor                                        William Carr R
Town Justice                                    Karen Tirpak R
Councilman (2)                                Shawn Marriot R & Nicholas Nahas R
Clerk/Collector                                Vacant
Superintendent of Highways        Joseph VanHolsteyn R


Supervisor                                       Paul Macko R
Councilman (2)                              Richard Bear R & Kenneth Stern R
Clerk/Collector                              Jacqueline Park R
Superintendent of Highways      Terry Williams NoP


Supervisor                                      Alan White D
Town Justice                                  Kenneth Williams D
Councilman (2)                             Chris DiBenedetto R & Innes Kasanof R
Town Clerk                                     Patricia Warfield I
Superintendent of Highways      Russell Bouton D
Tax Collector                                  Robin White D


Supervisor                                      Daryl Legg D
Town Justice                                  James Volker R
Councilman (2)                             Dolph Semenza R & Anthony Coiro D
Superintendent of Highways      John Farrell D


Supervisor                                      James Pellitteri R
Councilman (2)                             William Trach R & Nathan Miles R


Supervisor                                     John Berger I
Town Justice                                 Robert Basil R
Councilman (2)                            Bradley Jenkins R & Michael Barcone D
Clerk/Collector                            Alice Marie Cross I
Superintendent of Highways    Frank Hermance R

New Baltimore

Supervisor                                      Nicholas Dellisanti R
Councilman (2)                             Jeffry Russo R & Shelly VanEtten C
Town Clerk                                    Barbara Finke R
Tax Collector                                 Diane Jordan R


Supervisor                                      Kory O’Hara D
Town Justice                                 David Rikard R
Councilman (2)                             James Thorington D & Kristin Tompkins NOP
Town Clerk                                    Kathleen Sherman R
Superintendent of Highways     William Sutton D
Tax Collector                                 Carole Cangelosi R


Supervisor                                     Robert Pelham R
Town Justice                                Christopher Mattiace R
Councilman (2)                            Ian Peters R & Wayne VanValin R
Town Clerk                                   Bonnie Poehmel R
Superintendent of Highways    Gary Thorington R
Tax Collector                                Dawn Hitchcock R



Mayor 2yr                        Chris Pfister D
Trustee 2yr                      Marla Butler R & Anthony Patsky D


Justice 2yr                       Katherine Izzo R
Trustee 3yr                      Richard Paolino R


Mayor 2yr                        Mark Evans R
Trustee 2yr                      Paul Sutton R & Stephen Hanse R


Mayor                              William Maley R

Mayor 2yr                        Lee McGunnigle D
Trustee 2yr                      Greg Landers NoP & Christopher Hack NoP



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