It’s a great time to be a Democrat in New York. We have strong candidates at the top of our 2006 ticket, and we’re also fielding fresh faces who are threatening Republican strongholds all over upstate New York. At its heart, this new upsurge in enthusiasm comes from our dedicated base–and the new members we’re attracting every day.

As we grow, we have reason to hope that the causes we care about will win out in the end. It’s hard to describe the satisfaction I feel when I meet new Democrats in the living rooms and get-togethers in our county. There is a moment of recognition in their eyes that says, “I didn’t know there were so many people around here who shared my beliefs and values.”

Our resurgent party is drawing from many streams. People who care passionately about oil dependency, the rising price of gas at the pump, renewable energy, national health care, the war in Iraq, Social Security, public education, progressive taxation and other causes are drawing strength from each other inside the party. And they’re discovering that the Democratic Party is their natural home.

Anyone who follows politics, particularly New York State politics, can see that the tide is turning in our favor, but we need to build the strongest party base in history to build a positive alternative to Republican corruption and incompetence. Many of our new friends are focused on the slow-motion disaster of Republican rule in Washington, but the stronger we grow locally, the stronger we’ll become on the national stage.

Never underestimate what you, as an individual, can accomplish by becoming active in the party. When Democrats win seats on school boards, you have an advocate for your child’s education. When Democrats win seats in village, town and county government, you will see your values reflected in decisions that affect your day-to-day life. And local organizations are the bulwark of winning congressional campaigns.

If you’ve been frustrated about the direction our country is moving in, we want to meet you. If you’ve been disturbed by the waste of life in Iraq, we want to give voice to your concerns. If you’re worried about whether you can afford health care for your loved ones, we want to fight for you. If you want to see a safer, more secure country, join us. If you believe we need to restore integrity to our statehouse and have more responsible “common sense” government, join us in the good fight. We need each other.

Here’s how you can help. Register here on our website for email updates. Sign up on the volunteer page and send the site link to your family, friends and neighbors. Join us and spread the good word. Let us know what you think of our site and what you might like to see on it in the future. We’re building a new community here in Greene County, but we can’t do it without you.

My best regards,

Tom Poelker
Greene County Democratic Committee